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Bible Prophecy News

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Die Hard

Bruce Willis is my all time favorite actor and as such the original Die Hard is my favorite action movie of all time. He is famous John McLain a New York City cop just trying to save his marriage. He comes to see his wife at her Christmas party before it gets taken hostage. John isn’t in his neighborhood but he still knows how to survive. The hard part will be not letting the villain in the movie discover who he is and that one of the hostages is his wife.

Just the synopsis makes me excited to watch the film. I feel very fortunate because it appears on our satellite channels quite often. I own the film but there’s just something special about finding a cable tv specials and turning it on. Something about the commercials adds even more suspense.

There are three more Die Hard films and they are all pretty good. The final one is a very close second to the original film. The new film combines technology of today and adds a sidekick for the hero John McLain. It could never beat the original because let’s face it, no sequel beats the original.

Having a Star with Your Personal Name

Sometimes you want to give something special for your beloved couple. It is not only a precious ring or jewelry but it is more than those accessories. I bet you want to give something unpredictable and unique gift and it can be an unforgettable thing.

How about if you give her a star on the sky? It is possible for you to by a star? Actually you are not buying the star but you can give them a name such as with her name. It is real and legal and this is an international astronomical union name a star service. The official website is Ptolemy-Stars.Com. The way to buy a star name is by registering your name and the name on the star later. Then you have to pay some amount of money and receive your legal certificate that the star has new name and it should be your name or your beloved name.

You can use namea star because there are million stars on the sky and sometimes it is not identify and also there is no name on it. If you are interested with this kind of service you can learn more about how to get a star named after you on the website. How about that? Do you think it is an unpredictable and unforgettable gift for your beloved one?

Imprinted Promotional Product

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