Debt Collection Agencies and Why They Are Considered High Risk

The communication between banks and business in regards to merchant accounts has been lacking in the recent years. Debt collection companies are an example of such an market in distress and if you are or intend to get this business, then it is essential to comprehend why this market is considered high risk. Working with a dependable merchant account provider would provide specialized services, customer support, enhanced merchant protection features, and effective tracking of credit card processing.

Debt collection companies, like all financial firms, require these special security features as a result of the nature of their operation. This sector is also synonymous for delayed payments. This implies only a high risk account would suffice, if at all your business is to prevail.

What Is a High Risk Account?

There is a qualification used by acquiring finance institutions to access the suitability of a merchant account (as offered at this site) for any given company. To understand why you require such an account for your debt collection agency you need to consider that 80% of Americans pay using a credit card, as reported by a MasterCard Survey, in 2010. If you are to maximize your revenues, then you have to exploit this sector by enabling people to pay you making use of these cards.

Target market, ticket size /monthly volumes, increased risks of fraud, prolonged fulfillment and delivery times as well as charge backs will ultimately determine a businesses eligibility to gain a high risk account . If your business is a start-up or has a bad credit score record then, regrettably, you will also fall in this high risk category.

Why Debt Collection Agencies Are Branded “High Risk”

Though a debt collection agency business may be thriving in particular due to recession, however, banking institutions view it differently. Formally, it is against Association Rules to process credit cards with debt related services or products.

The likelihood of defaults in this particular area of business are higher due to tough economic times further making the debt collection a high risk business. The chargeback is also very high and given that this is the most critical determinant of high risk businesses, you would need to secure a high risk account.If you have a merchant account and breach 1% to 2% chargeback rate, your standard merchant account would be promptly suspended. This means that you might possibly lose a lot of money.

What to Know About Acquiring A High Risk Merchant Account Provider

1. Ensure your provider presents a wide range of payment alternatives including PayPal, credit card payments, Google Checkout, among others.

2. Inquire if there are any sign-up fees because there are several online providers who do not charge these.

3. It is always best to research the providers reputation and reliability prior to signing up for an account.

4. Investigate factors such as reverse requirements to make sure that they are low.

5. Make sure the merchant account provider can work with your debt collection services by offering you a customized option.

Before you start looking for a high risk account, ensure that you get these documents in order; current processing statements, bank statements for 3-6 months depending on your provider, current profit-loss account statements, Article of Association or a business license, and finally a voided business check. By so doing, you will be able to accelerate the evaluation process.

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